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The Somascan Fathers continue the legacy of St. Jerome's commitment in serving the poor and taking care of the orphans and abandoned youth
4 MAJOR ACTIVITIES  1. Giovanni Ferro Children Village: It is a village for children where our fathers, with local families and volunteers welcome street children who are abandoned and who have nothing. We are building a vocational school, where children can learn a job. 2. Parish with an Elementary School (grade 1 to 6th) 3. Center of Promotion of the Women (young girls are at risk for human traffic to Europe, the prostitution mafia is very active in that south region); we offer a place, support, and job opportunities, teaching trades, skills (bakery, tailoring, along with some basic accounting) 4. Education, formation of young seminarians to become a priest. We have a house of formation where young men can discern their own vocation to the priesthood and religious life.
Funds will benefits our missions in Nigeria and the formation of our Seminarias in Houston, TX and Rome, Italy

Somascan Fathers in the World

USA BRAZIL INDIA GUATEMALA SRI LANKA ITALY HONDURAS SPAIN ALBANIA INDONESIA POLAND EL SALVADOR PHILIPPINES COLOMBIA MEXICO ECUADOR ROMANIA AUSTRALIA MOZAMBIQUE NIGERIA Through calamities and difficulties of any kind that have developed during the four centuries of history the Somascan Order has never ceased its apostolate for the needy youth. St. Jerome has now on earth those numerous hands and arms of which he has dreamed. His disciples have founded seminaries, houses of education, colleges, professional schools, workshops in Italy, in Switzerland, in Spain, in Central America, in Mexico, in Colombia, in Brazil, and in the United States of America. 
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The Somascan Fathers, taking care of orphans and abandoned youth
3 MAJOR AREAS  1  Spirltual and material care of orphans, abandoned youth, and poor. 2  Human and Christian education or youth. 3  Pastoral ministy.
WHAT WE OFFER  1  Centers forf young boys who are orphaned or in situations of neglect. 2  Schools. 3  Retreat and prayer Centers. 4  Parish ministry. 5  Treatment Centers for drug addicts.