LETTER 1 Venice, at the Trinity, July 5, 1535 To Agostino Barili, Servant of the Poor Father, beloved in Christ. With the last [letters] I sent you the answers to your letters from Como and from Giovannantonio. 2 As far as freeing myself from my commitments, it seems that it will take a long time and only God knows the manner and where. 3 In regard to the help we have requested several times, I do not see any other remedy but these two: one that we pray to the eternal Father to send workers because there is the same if not greater need here, believe me; the other, that we persevere until the end, that is until the Lord will show a sign and we will understand that it is really His. 4 As to my absence, know that I never abandon you through those little prayers I know; and, though I am not on the battlefield with you, I hear the clash and raise my arms in prayer as much as I can. 5 But the truth is that I am nothing. And you must also believe that my absence is necessary: the reasons are infinite, but if the Company remains with Christ, the goal will be reached; otherwise everything will be lost. The question is debatable, but this is the conclusion. Therefore, pray to the pilgrim Christ by saying: Remain with us, Lord, because it is nearly evening...
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The Somascan Fathers continue the legacy of St. Jerome's commitment in serving the poor and taking care of the orphans and abandoned youth